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A reader has a question about unsubscribing from emails vs. hitting the spam button.

“Regarding Spam mail — there are some sites that don’t have a place to unsubscribe. I keep getting emails from a Real Estate company. I clicked on it to go into my spam folder. It does for a while, then they start up again. I checked a number of times and there’s no place to unsubscribe. What do you do in this case?”


Unsubscribe options can be hard to find, because they are often at the very bottom of a newsletter in smaller print.

If it’s a legitimate company (perhaps one that you wanted real estate emails from at one time), look for email contact information. I’ll assume they have contact info in the message if they want to sell you real estate.  You could try replying to the email with a request to unsubscribe, but the address that a  marketing message comes from is often just used for sending messages.  Or go to the company’s website and look for a place to subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters or to contact them.

If this is not a company you recognize and you think it might be a scam, reporting it as spam is the way to go.  Your email service may also allow you to block addresses.


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  1. Hi Cyn,

    Thank you for your response. I wanted to print it out but there’s that huge picture of the mailbox and that takes a lot of ink. I tried highlighting just the words but it came out weird on the paper. The pictures are very nice and expressive, but for me, it’s a waste of a lot of ink.


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