Understanding Text Abbreviations

If you’re new to text messaging, you’ll find that people frequently use abbreviations and little icons known as Emoji to express themselves.



The abbreviations save time and since the number of characters in an SMS is limited space.  Let’s check out some common abbreviations:

BTW                                               By the way

B/C                                                   Because

BION                                               Believe it or not

BF                                                    Best friend

BFF                                                 Best friend forever

BFN                                                 By for now

BRB                                                  Be right back

BRO                                                 Be right over

BSF                                                  But seriously, folks

BTD                                                  Bored to death

BTDT                                               Been there, done that

CID                                                  Consider it done

CMIW                                             Correct me if I’m wrong

CU                                                  See you

DEF                                                 Definitely

DGMW                                          Don’t get me wrong

DH                                                   Dear husband

DM                                                  Direct message

DW                                                  Dear wife

DWH                                              During work hours

EFT                                                 Electronic funds transfer

FB                                                   Facebook

FYI                                                 For your information

HB                                                  Happy birthday

HF                                                 Hope this helps

IDK                                                I don’t know

IGWS                                              It goes without saying

IHNC                                               I have no clue

IKR                                                  I know, right?

IMHO                                             In my humble opinion

IMO                                                In my opinion

JK                                                     Just kidding

LHK                                                  Love, hugs, kisses

LOL                                                Laughing out loud (also used for lots of                       love)

LY                                                    Love you

LYLAB                                             Love you like a brother

LYLAS                                                 Love you like a sister

NP                                                      No problem

NOYB                                                None of your business

NSFW                                                 Not safe for work

NTW                                                   Not to worry

OMG                                                 Oh my God

OT                                                     Off topic

OTOH                                               On the other hand

POV                                                   Point of view

ROTFL                                               Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLO                                            Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

THX                                                   Thanks

TIA                                                     Thanks in advance

TY                                                      Thank you

TYVM                                                Thank you very much

TYT                                                    Take your time

WTH                                                   What the he**?

WTF                                                    What the #$*!?


This is far from a complete list.  Individuals make up their own as they go, so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know what something means.

You might also see an F or an AF inserted to just about anything. That F stands for the old F f-bomb and the AF is for “as f***.  I know many of you don’t like to curse, but I’m cluing you in on this one so you don’t accidentally pick it up and use salty language without knowing what it means.

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