Best Security Apps For Mac

“A reader wants advice on picking a security app for his Mac computer.

Thanks for all of your help over the years with both my Dell & now my iMac. I look forward to your weekly updates and there have been times your advice has been a big help in getting out of a hard place, both before and after I did something wrong or just plain stupid. Today could you please suggest some free antivirus apps for my 2019 27″ iMac, running on big Sur 11.5.1 with the free Malwarebytes app installed also if there is a free malware app
that you feel is better or one I should add please include those. I will close by saying I realize most problems are caused by the loose NUT holding the mouse.

You’re certainly right that loose nuts holding the mouse are the root of a lot of computer problems 🙂

I’m glad you asked this question. Since traditionally, Macs were less frequently the target of malware attacks, many people just assumed they were impervious to viruses and the like. Not true at all. Mostly, they were just targeted as often. But with the rise in popularity of both Macs and devices like iPhones and iPad, Apple accounts became attractive targets for crooks.

Big names like Norton and Bitdefender are good choices for third-party security on your Mac. These are reputable companies that know the security game. However, if you’re looking for free software, consider Avast. (which recently announced a merger with Norton)

I warn you that free software does tend to nag you to upgrade to the paid version. The free version of Avast will detect viruses, ransomware, and other threats in real-time and also warn you about unsafe sites and block intrusive web trackers if you choose to install the Avast Online Security extension.

Just follow this link to visit the download page:

Then click on Free Download and follow the instructions.

Stay safe out there!

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