What does error 500 mean

A reader wants to know what an error code means. He writes:

“I was searching for Star Trek Wallpaper, but when I found it and clicked on it, I got ‘500 internal server error’ on the page.  I’ve never had this happen before?  How can I fix it?”

If you’re only seeing it when you click on that site, it’s likely not your problem at all, but a problem with the website. It’s a generic error that says something has gone wrong on that particular website’s server. It’s possible that the page you’re looking for doesn’t even exist anymore.


Just because something turns up in search results, is no guarantee that the site is still there or that the page or file you want to access is still active.  Search engines cache files. That means they take a snapshot of the page as it exists at the time.  That’s helpful for searching, but that page might not still exist.

You could try refreshing the web page since it’s possible the issue might just be a temporary glitch the page is having.

Below, I’ve searched for Star Trek wallpaper. You can see several images, but that’s no guarantee that they are going to be there when I click on them.

It’s also possible that a site may have thumbnails on display of images that are no longer available.

You could try contacting the site to let them know about the image.  You can usually just cut off the back end of the web address to the .com or .net to find the address.  Then look for contact information.

I will caution you to be very careful where you get wallpapers. Downloadable wallpapers are a great way to sneak malware or unwanted toolbars onto your PC.

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