Not Happy With Yahoo

A reader didn’t hold back with an opinion on the state of Yahoo News.

Just delete Yahoo! from all your stuff.. they suck. Their news feed is horse $#*! and dishonest, they let any scammer use their feed, they use sensationalistic headlines to get their idiot journalists, clicks, when you click on.. ie….” Ru Paul says this nasty shit about. so and so,,” .. then you end up with a story that has nothing to do with the headline….” every time.. its dishonest and should be a crime.”

What’s going on with Yahoo news is something you’ll also see on the web pages for many TV Stations and even newspapers. Ads for other websites are slipped in like they are articles without much to differentiate between Yahoo’s content and the ad. The middle article here are ads but the ad notification is in small light letters.

Also, although Yahoo once focused on original content, they now serve as a news aggregator, which means they display stories from other sources and most of those wild stories you see are from paid ads. Why? Well, because providing original content is dang expensive and very few places can afford to do it.

Also, advertisers can be hard to come by and sites have resorted to accepting ads from less than legit places to make up the difference. People aren’t interested in paying for their news these days and that’s kind of resulted in people getting what they paid for.

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