Check Memory and Disk with Task Manager

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Yesterday, I showed you how to use Task Manager to check your CPU. (Click here to read that article.) While, most of us use Task Manager to shut down a frozen program, you can also use it to get a look at what’s happening inside your PC.

Start by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys and selecting Task Manager or by typing “task manager” in the search box and clicking on the result.

When Task Manager opens, click on the Performance tab.

If you don’t see tabs at the top, click on More details at the bottom.

You’ll have a great snapshot of what’s happening inside your PC.

At the left, click on Memory.

You’ll get a quick snapshot of what’s happening with your memory. You’ll see how much is in use, how much is available, your speed, and the number of memory slots used.

This is not to be confused with your hard drive space. Memory is how much thinking power your computer has available. Disk space is how much room is available to store files. To check your disk, click on disk at the left.

You’ll get a snapshot of the disk transfer rate, disk capacity, and read and write speed.

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