Beautiful wallpaper, free from Bing

Who doesn’t love beautiful desktop wallpaper to look at? Especially if you know it’s from a legitimate source that won’t load up your PC with viruses.  One of my favorite places to find wallpaper is over at  Yep, that’s right, head over to the homepage for the Microsoft search engine. Click here to take a look.

No matter the day, the page will feature a beautiful photograph. Sometimes it’s a natural wonder or a gorgeous animal. Other times, a beautiful shot of a city.  Scroll down and you’ll learn about the image. You can even take a quiz.

You can even take a quiz.

Click the download arrow and you can download the picture to use as wallpaper. It will head straight to your downloads folder.

Scroll down a bit more and you can look at the beautiful images from previous days.

To download previous images, you’ll need to use the arrow at the far right of the main image at the top. I’ve circled it in red, below.

Arrow back to a previous day. Then click the download arrow.

Once it’s in your Downloads folder you can rename and move to another location.

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