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A reader is having an issue retrieving email from her Kindle.

I don’t have email on my Kindle after April 2021, and no space available for anything else. I deleted a bunch of stuff to try to fix the situation and now I can’t log on (it says my password is incorrect) and also it says reception is poor but if I just go into the upstairs hall from the bedroom it says excellent.?? I have had it for a long time is it time to get a new one? My husband has a tablet that works just fine upstairs. Thanks!”

Deleting old emails is the right idea. That issue wouldn’t be related to you not being able to log back in. Honestly, if you’re getting the notice that the password is wrong, it probably is. Besides making sure you’re typing the right one, make sure that there aren’t any extra spaces and that you’re using the right letter case. The password to log into your email will be the same no matter which device you use. So, if there’s a laptop or phone where you can check on the password, double-check to make sure you’re putting in the right one.

The poor reception/excellent reception issue could just be an issue with a beam in the house or a piece of furniture interfering with WIFi. Are you able to read books and use a browser without interruptions? If you aren’t having a problem, there’s probably nothing wrong with the tablet.

If your tablet is acting strangely, you might want to consider a reset. To reset, tap Settings.

Then scroll down to Device Options.

Tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.

This will remove everything stored on the Kindle. You’ll need to enter your Amazon password, your WiFi password, your Facebook password, and any other accounts you use on the device. Your Amazon music, books, and other purchase will still be stored in the cloud.

However, it can sometimes help if the device is acting wonky.

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