I know I’ve brought you several different sites that offer background noise options, but this one is different! This site allows you to calibrate your listening experience based on your own personal hearing thresholds.

I recommend checking out the FAQ before diving in, it offers a lot of information about the noise generator project and it’s creator.

Next up you should over to Use which explains how and why you might want to use this site.  You can start by picking a goal such as focusing in a noisy environment or falling asleep and the site will suggest sounds.

Or click on Show all online noises to head over to Online Noises. Here you can calibrate your listening experience with the Enter Calibration Mode link. There you’ll be able to set up your own personal hearing curve. Just follow the directions provided and head back over to the Online Noises section. Once you’ve created your personalized hearing curve, you can apply it to any of the noise generators on the site.

Speaking of noise generators, I feel like I should mention that the site offers a vast array of listening options, such as: rain, water streaming, ocean waves, waterfall, wind, fire, jungle noise, summer nights, and cat purr.

And those are just the options under natural noises! You can also pick from other categories, such as: synthetic noises, industrial noises, brainwaves, atmospheres, voices, patternscapes, tonal drones, and soundscapes.

But that’s not all, using the rain as an example. You could listen to it with your own calibrated option, or you can pick from the options on the right side of the page for a different listening experience. They offer fairy rain, bedroom, under the porch, distant storm, getting wet, only rumble, under the leaves, dark rain, and jungle lodge. You can even pick between brown, pink, white, and grey sound levels.

You can also get this site as an Android or iPhone app or activate it the Alexa app on your smart speaker.

This site offers a truly customizable listening experience, go check it out for yourself today!