Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add animated GIFs to Facebook messages. 

A quick definition here if you are familiar with the terms GIF. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s a kind of image file that will support animation.

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You can add GIFS  to Facebook messages both using Facebook online and through the Facebook Messenger app. When you create a new message, you’ll see the option at the bottom to add  a GIF. Here’s what it looks like in a browser.

In the Messenger mobile app, tap the smiley face.

Then tap GIF.

You’ll see a list of trending GIFs.  You can swipe down to browse in Messenger. In a browser, you’ll use the scroll bar to scroll down.

If you see a GIF you like, just click on it to add.

You can also search for GIFs. Just type in what you’re looking for in the search bar.

Just click or tap to add the GIF you like.

To add to a Facebook post, just click the three-dot menu icon.

Then choose the GIF option.

You can also search for the type of GIF you want or see what the most popular ones are at the moment.

Another way to add a GIF image is to just copy and paste the web address where the GIF is hosted on a server and treat it as a link. The image will then be displayed like a link.