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Yesterday, I showed you one of my favorite Windows Tricks – GodMode.  (Click here to learn all about it.)

The trick creates a folder that allows you to access features from Settings and the Windows 10 Control Panel from one easy location.

But I’ve heard from a few of you that have tried the trick but aren’t exactly sure how the folder works. Let’s take a look. We’ll start by clicking on the GodMode folder to open:


Here’s what the file looks like when you open it.


Ready to start exploring? We’ll start with Administrative Tools. From here you can defragment and optimize your drives, create and format hard disk partitions, diagnose computer memory problems, or free up disk space by clicking on unnecessary files.


Clicking on Free up disk space is one of my favorite tools for cleaning up a computer. When the Disk Cleanup pops up, click OK.


The next category is AutoPlay.  From here you can decide what happens when you plug in an external drive or thumb drive, put in a CD or DVD, or plug in a phone or camera.


Under Backup and Restore, you can set up backups for your PC and create a system repair disc. Even though it says Windows 7. These will all work with Windows 10.

backup-and -restore-windows7

Using Color Management, you can manage the color settings for displays, scanners, and printers.


Tomorrow, we’ll continue our look at more you can do with GodMode.

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