Explore God Mode: Part 2

Our exploration of all the cool things you can do in God Mode continues today.

On Monday, we learned how to create a God Mode Folder (Click here to learn all about it.)

On Tuesday we learned how to clean up your computer, create backups, and more.( Click here to read that tip.)

We’ll start by clicking on the GodMode folder to open:


Since we’ve already covered the first few options in yesterday’s article, today, we’ll move on the C’s and learn all about Credential Manager. From here you can manage both website passwords and Windows passwords.


From here you can manage both website passwords and Windows passwords.


Your next options are for Date and Time.  From here you can set the date and time, choose to automatically adjust for daylight savings time or even add clocks for different time zones.


From Devices and Printers, you can add Bluetooth devices or printers, set up cameras and game controllers, and even update your drivers.


The Ease of Access Center gives you a long list of options. You can control the size and look of text, turn on voice controls and screen readers, adjust the way the mouse and keyboard behaves, and so much more. Anything that can’t make it easier to see, hear, or navigate your PC is right here.


We’ll continue our look at God Mode tomorrow.

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