A reader is fed up with spam emails:

“I have a very irritating problem that I cannot resolve. I keep receiving emails that are definitely spam (like Hi , You’re chosen for a $90 CVS Reward RXFA). No matter what I mark as spam, or click on unsubscribe, that does not work. These email advertising offers come from so-called major stores. And they are all identical in their spiel, Even so-called Bank of America “has deposited $3,000 in my account” (I don’t have BoA). Any suggestions? Or just continue to mark as spam?”

I’m sure you know that the offers aren’t really coming from major stores, so hitting unsubscribe won’t do you any good. Only legitimate enterprises have actual unsubscribe features. In fact, avoid clicking on unsubscribe when you know it’s a scam, because an unsubscribe button in one of those emails could lead take you to a malicious website.

These scammers can be difficult to block because they use different email address every time they send a message. So even if you flag the address or sender as spam once, the next email is coming from a completely different place.

I’m afraid your best bet is to just keep marking it all as spam.