Travel Tips From Around the World

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Welcome to a site that offers you travel tips from all around the world! 

On the main page you can click on the map for the part of the world you want travel tips for and be whisked away to the tips for that location. 

You can also access the travel tips database by clicking Travel Tips at the top of the page. They are listed in order of what has been most recently posted to the site. 

Another fun feature is the ability to create a map where you can fill in all the places you’ve traveled.  Click on the thumbnail under the Create A Map of the Countries That You Have visited section, and then check the the boxes for the places you have visited. After that click the Generate Map button. If you create a user account you can   Mine would be seriously boring. I’ve only been to Canada, but someday that will change! 

This is a great site to get travel tips from all around the world and keep track of where you’ve traveled to!


One thought on “Travel Tips From Around the World

  1. I really enjoy your tips….thanks for that are very good..

    Are you saying CANADA is Boring…? then you have not seen ALL of CANADA
    Keep up the good work..cheers Have a good day eh!

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