Why WiFi?

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A reader has concerns about mobile apps that require WiFi.

“I wanted to add Norton 360 to my iPhone. It was downloaded and installed but Norton told me it wasn’t activated because I didn’t have “wi-fi” turned on. I’m reluctant to use my phone with wi-fi on because of security issues. Can you please write about that.”

Some apps, like Norton require a tremendous amount of data to stay connected to a server. The idea is to protect users from eating up their cellular data and ensure they have enough bandwidth to run the app.

These days with 4 and 5G connections and many folks with unlimited data plans, it’s not as much of a problem. However, a WiFi connection isn’t necessarily a security problem. As long as you’re connected to your secured home network, you should be fine.

I would not suggest connecting your WiFi to public networks or setting your phone to always connect to open networks, but your secure home WiFi is a safe alternative for your phone.

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