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A lot of you tell me how much you miss the simple interface of the old Outlook Express and LiveMail email clients. Here’s a free download that mimics the looks and features of Outlook Express.  It’s called OE Classic.

This program works with all versions of Windows. It comes in both a free and Pro version. The pro version costs $24.95.

Here’s a look at the inbox.


And here’s what the address book looks like. Familiar, huh?


Some things about this program are a step above Outlook Express. It lets you make complex rules for messages and there’s no limit to your folder size. It’s a great replacement for either Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.

Click here to download. 

5 thoughts on “Simple, Free Email Client

  1. Cyn – Can this program handle a conversion (import) from MS Outlook (a component of MS Office 2016)? I have a very large message and contact database that I would need to maintain in OE Classic.

  2. OE Classic (FREE) is almost as good as Outlook Express 6 but there are a several major not so good differences.
    1. It adds extra crap to messages being sent and that same crap is added when you print out a received message.
    2. No online/offline button nor could I find any way to take it offline while using it.
    3. For me this is the DEAL BREAKER. You MUST enter a password when setting up an account. In OE6 I can set up my account(s) without being forced to give a password. I like it when OE6 asks me for my password for each account each and everytime when first start it and I don’t need it again until the next time I start it.
    If you can accept these 3 things, then OE Classic (FREE) will be an excellent eMail client for you.

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