Microsoft’s New Dual-Screen Phone

The Windows Phone may be gone, but Microsoft isn’t giving up on the phone game — or the dual-screen device. The new Surface Duo 2, takes a crack at fixing many of the complaints about the Surface Duo 1, which didn’t exactly catch fire when it was introduced.

Let’s check out the new device. It’s an Android phone that comes with many Microsoft apps pre-installed.

The device has two 5.8″ screens that open to an open 8.3” screen. It has 8GB DRAM LPDDR5 memory and is available with128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

With the screen open, you can open and use two apps at the same time, one on each screen.

There were a lot of complaints about the Surface Duo 1’s single camera that offered low-resolution compared to most smartphones. The Surface Duo 2 has a triple camera lens capable of capturing 4K video.

Microsoft teased us with the possibility of a device that would run both Windows and Android operating systems, instead, we’re getting an Android phone that runs Microsoft apps. However, your current Android phone also runs Microsoft apps, so I’m not quite sure what the selling point is that would make me want to turn in my beloved Samsung Galaxy.

The open screen is still smaller than my current Surface and it’s not actually a PC that can run desktop applications like Photoshop.

The Surface 2 goes on sale starting at $1499 on October 21.

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