Which Operating System is Most Popular?

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Windows 11 is rolling out to devices all over the world, so let’s take a look at where it stands compared to other operating systems. Windows is the most popular desktop and laptop operating system out there, found on almost 31% of devices. (Android is the most popular, found on 42% of devices.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is third, found on almost 17% of devices. Mac OS is on 6.5% of devices and Linux is found on less than 1%

Of those Windows machines, Windows 10 is found 78% of them. Windows 7 is still on about 16% of devices despite the fact that it is no longer supported.

With Windows 11 rolling out, expect those numbers to start to change. The upgrade to Windows 11 is free, though some devices are not eligible to upgrade.

It took several years for Windows 10 to catch on. The numbers really didn’t start to rise until support ended for Windows 10.

What operating system or systems do you use?

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