Edit a photo with Lunapic

I’ve mentioned the free online photo editor Lunapic to you before. It offers a lot of great photo-editing tools. And since it’s an online program, you can use it no matter which operating system you have on your PC – Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Click here to head to the main page. 

You’ll notice this site has a simple, somewhat-dated looking interface. But who cares if it works? You’ll also notice that it is advertiser-supported. So be careful not click on ads unless it’s something you’re interested in.

To upload a photo click the big Upload button on the main page.

Then select the photo you wish to edit.


Once the photo is uploaded, you’ll see info about the dimensions, size, and type of file displayed above the image and a menu of tools to the left of the page.


Click on the blue Crop, Scale, and Rotate to perform those functions. You can also click there to resize the file or change the type or quality of the file. The tools are simple. For example, to crop you can select a shape and then drag the handles of the crop.


You can caption the photo by typing text at the bottom.


You can change the font, text size, color, and position of text. Notice the large ad displayed. Be careful not to click on it unless you want more information.

One note, to change the color, type the first letter of the color you want and then you can browse from a huge selection.


The text makes for a very nice display, I think.


Click the Text icon at the left for more options.


You’ll get options to add effects and rotate the text. There’s also a handy video tutorial.


You can also experiment with the drawing tools from the menu to paint or draw on the images.


Click the Save icon on the left to save the image.


You can then save the image in a variety of formats.


There is so much more that this site can do. From the simplest editing to highly complicated. We’ll explore it more in future articles.

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