Help! Website Won’t Display.

A reader is dealing with a website display issue.

“I am having a problem viewing the Zillow real estate site. When I click on the site it opens in a microscopic appearance so small of print a magnifying glass has trouble reading it. I entered the zip code of the area I wished to search and get a stip of very small listings down the middle of my screen. If I pick one listing and click on it the item appears in the middle of my screen but the picture and print are so small you need a magnifying glass to try to read them. My wife and I can open the same program on a tablet and everything is normal size. All other real estate sites work normally. Zillow used to but now on my main computer, it acts up. I have windows 10, 64 bit on my main computer. I tried defragging but no help there. All suggestions welcome. “

A display issue like this is unlikely to have anything to do with your computer’s hard drive. More likely it has to do with the browser. It sounds to me as if you’re viewing the mobile site for Zillow and not the site intended for browsers.

I’d suggest clearing the cache on your browser. You don’t say which one you’re using, but pressing the Ctrl +Alt+Shift keyswill bring up that menu on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Also, if you’re using a bookmark for Zillow, try deleting it and re-entering the address again to make sure you’re visiting the browser site and not the mobile site.

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