Get ready for a unique historical experience! History has always been an interesting subject to me. We can learn so much from it and now modern technology has allowed an amazing video experience for viewers.

Using a point-of-view from the inside of the ascending elevators at 1 World Trade Center, viewers can see 515 years of important New York history beginning in 1500.

This specially three-dimensional time-lapse video expertly combines two of my favorite subjects: history and media technology.

After rising from underground bedrock, the video begins and orients viewers on Manhattan Island while time passes by as the elevator rises. This video also includes a poignant, honorable four-second segment on the twin towers to honor the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.

This video was designed and produced by the Hettema Group of Pasadena, Calif., and Blur Studio of Culver City, Calif. The overall architect is Montroy Andersen DeMarco of New York.

Take a unique view through NY history today through this special 52-second video! Remember to watch right away in the top window at the below web address since the video window eventually scrolls through other videos after this special video. The NYT is behind a pay wall, but you can look at 5 free articles a month. If you haven’t viewed other articles on the site yet, you should have no trouble watching.¬†

~Michael Siebenaler