This is an amazing literature resource! They have 1400 Romantic and Victorian texts in their collection with insights from experts, documentary films, and more!

When you arrive at the site I recommend scrolling down and checking out all the featured content on the main page. You’ll find Featured Articles, Themes, Collection Items, Authors, and Works of Literature.

The Featured Articles while I was visiting were very Halloween appropriate! You can learn all about Gothic Literature, Dracula, and even Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

In the Themes section you can learn about Fin de siècle, Power and Politics, Reading and Print Culture, The Novel, and Childhood and Children’s Literature!

My favorite part is the featured texts under Collection Items. I love the title page and art from The Monk. When you click into any of the items, you’ll find more information about the item. If you click on the image you can zoom in on the item and really see all the minute detail.

Back on the main page you can use the search field to look for specific items or information. You can also use the navigation strip to check out the full section for each of the featured categories and discover teaching resources.

Go check it out for yourself today!