Help! I forgot my password

A reader has a password problem.

“I can’t remember my Gmail password. Please give some advice as how to correct this situation. I’ve got a laptop ASUS with W10 64 bit.”

If you can’t remember the address of the Gmail account you wish to log into, just click Forgot Password, by the Next button.

If you have a recovery phone number, a notification will be sent to your phone. If you used a recovery email, you’ll get a confirmation email. Once you confirm that it’s you trying to access the account, you can create a new password.

One thought on “Help! I forgot my password

  1. Password “little black book ” is my solution…5″ x 7″ address book…keep User Name, Password, Company Name and any pertinent info such as Serial Numers, Key Numers, and of course phone number numbers alphabetically for easy reference and convenience.
    Password apps are good, but not if you can’t get into your device.
    Knocking on wood here but have yet to be hacked. Now how to cut the spam, and do not call crap!😞

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