Want to check the weather? Well you could go to weather.com and get your forecast, or you can head over to Forecast and try something new!

Forecast offers a complete 7-day forecast for locations all over the world; but that’s not all, you can also find the forecast for right now, the next hour, the next 24 hours, as well as a weather atlas, and time machine!

Start by typing in your address or city, state, country, etc. into the location bar at the top of the page. It will then give you your forecast.

Or you can try out the time machine and explore weather in the past by filling out the location bar, and then clicking the time machine button. It will then ask you for the date you want to check.

It will bring up the date you requested for your location and tell you the temperature throughout the day. It also tells you the high and low of the day, as well as sun rise and sunset.

I like the format of the site because there’s not a lot of clutter, just weather information! Go check it out for yourself.