Stop Soldier Suicide

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This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a friend who works as a therapist to veterans who are coping with suicidal thoughts, PTS, TBI, and depression. And it breaks my heart to watch her work through the times where they couldn’t help a soldier work through these issues.

If you add to that the staggering problem we have in the United States with treating mental illness as a visible disease and not a stigma to brandish someone with it becomes even more evident that we need to provide support for those who might not want to speak out about what they are experiencing or have experienced in their service to our country.

You can learn more about the organization by clicking Learn More near the top of the page.

As such this site aims to raise awareness about soldier suicide. Did you know that we lose 22+ veterans/active duty soldiers to suicide everyday? They’re also raising money through donations and fundraisers to continue to increase the capacity of our Contact Center so someone is always there for Veterans who reach out in their darkest hour of need.

If you can donate money, that’s great, but there are other ways to contribute. You can also start a campaign, if you choose that option it will show you different campaign ideas you might try like crowdfunding, challenge/races, special occasions, and events.

I’m choosing to raise awareness about the issue by not only sharing this site with all of you, but also by sharing it among my friends, family, cohort, and co-workers.


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