Remove Chat From Taskbar in Windows 11

If you’re using Windows 11, you’ll notice this icon on the taskbar. It’s for the chat function of Microsoft Teams.

If you don’t need to use Microsoft teams (which is mainly used by businesses), it’s easy to remove the icon from your taskbar. Start by hitting the Windows Key + I. Settings will open. Then click Personalization and Taskbar.

Slide the button next to Chat to the Off position.

The chat icon will disappear from your taskbar.

2 thoughts on “Remove Chat From Taskbar in Windows 11

  1. Cyn, when I press the Windows Key plus l (lower case L), I’m taken to my sign-in page! I’ve also tried that key with the backward slash and I’m also taken to my sign in page. . . . ?

  2. I searched with the capital i and finally found the place to turn off Chat. It doesn’t remove it, just turns it off but it disappeared from the Task Bar which was what I wanted, . . . so . . . Mission Accomplished! (I didn’t think about the capital i earlier, sorry.)

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