Windows 11: Stop unwanted installations

Here’s an easy way to stop unwanted programs from installing on your Windows 10 PC. The only trick is that you have to remember to switch it back when you do want to download or install something.

Start by searching for Apps & features in your Windows 11 search box. Click on the result.

This Window will open.

Look at the top under Choose where to get apps.

The default is set to Anywhere, but let me know if there is a compatible app in the Microsoft Store. Click the arrow next to that.

A drop-down menu will give you two options. You can select to receive a warning before installing apps from anyplace outside of the Windows store. That means if you try to download an app from a website, you’ll receive a warning and must give permission.

You could also choose only allow apps from the Windows Store. This makes it impossible to install an app from anywhere else or for someone else to download one onto your PC. It is possible that if someone else were using your PC, they might just ignore the warning about an app from an outside source. If you do wish to download an app from somewhere else, you’ll have to go back to this setting and change it.

These simple steps could make it much harder to accidentally download unwanted programs.

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