Urban Observatory

This is a really cool project! Urban Observatory is collecting data on large cities and putting it into a database so that it can be compared and contrasted in ways that are relevant to modern life. 

They call themselves a “a live museum with a data pulse” and I think once you try the application, you’ll agree. 

I’d begin navigating by reading the “What is the Urban Observatory” section., and checking out the information under Why Does it Matter? After that, you can click the Launch App button to be whisked away to the app.

The default comparison will be on Population Density. There will be an instruction window overlaid on it at first, read the instructions and then click the X button or Start Comparing. 

Beneath each map there is information explaining what you’re seeing. You can change the Theme by selecting a different one from the Theme dropdown. And you can change the cities you’re comparing by clicking Cities at the top and the clicking the cities you want to view instead and which panel you’d like to display them in.

Another thing you might want to check out is the Flickr feed. It is filled with really interesting photos of the data displayed.

I thought this was a very neat site to explore! Go check it out!



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