Where’s my space?

bearded man using a tablet computer

 A reader is dealing with a nearly full tablet:

“I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet which I’ve had a few years now. I keep getting a message that I am dangerously low on space. I have purged all files I could and the only thing left are apps. Nonetheless, deleting files hasn’t freed up any space. Most apps are from Samsung, Google and unable to be uninstalled. Any thoughts on what is using all the space? I attached a screenshot.”

Usually, the largest hogs for space are video, photos, and email messages. Large attachments can be a real problem. On most Android devices, you should be able to check exactly what types of files are taking up room.

Open settings and scroll down to Battery and Device care.

Then choose Storage.

You’ll be able to see what types of files are taking up the most space.

You should also be able to view the largest files.

You can tap on any type of file to view them and decide what to delete.

If deleting files doesn’t seem to free up space, it may be time to reset your tablet.

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