The fantastic four: keyboard shortcuts you need to know

I heard from a reader having a bad day:

“My old brain has had a bad week. Now another problem has popped up for my feeble mind. Here is what I would love to have your answer.

What are the letters to use to Cut, Copy and Paste? I used to have It here at my fingertips, but can’t drag the information out this afternoon for love nor money. Think that I know how to do the Copy part but even that is more than fuzzy.”

Seriously, don’t feel bad about it. I may or may not have spent twenty minutes on Easter Sunday searching for a skirt I was holding in my hand.

Since these are the handiest shortcuts out there, I’m going to go over them and do a bonus shortcut!

To copy, press the Ctrl key + the letter C.


To cut (which will remove the text or file from its current location) Ctrl + X


To paste, Ctrl + V


And just in case you’ve made an error in any of these operations, press Ctrl + Z to undo any action.


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