Help! My PC is in black and white

A reader’s got a problem with his PC’s display.

” For some reason, my almost-new Acer monitor (or the computer itself?) has defaulted to a black and white display and I cannot get a color display back. I have gone to color management in the Control Panel). I have unsuccessfully tried to find a Windows forum for help but no luck. Help!”

My guess is that you may have accidentally hit the wrong keys while trying to copy something. If you hit the Windows key + Ctrl+ C, you turn your screen to black and white. The good news is that if you hit the Windows key + Ctrl + C again, it should turn back to color. If you aren’t familiar with the Windows key, it looks similar to the image below:


You could also go to the Start Menu type Settings and click on the results.

Then select Accessibility.

In the left panel, choose Color Filters.

Make sure the color filters and the option for a keyboard shortcut for color filters is turned off.

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