Here’s a fun new game that I learned about from a friend. It’s called Wordle. It’s super-simple to play. Each day there’s a 5-letter word of the day to guess. You have 6 tries to guess the word.

You enter a valid 5-letter word and hit the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

You can check out your stats and share your results on social media.

But you will have to wait to the next day for your next puzzle.

Click here to play: https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

3 thoughts on “Wordle

  1. My son sent me this game and I have played it twice now. Missed the first time by one letter and won it the second time but I don’t get to play it very often and it requires some thought…

  2. I use 1-3 words to usually get 3-4 letters.
    The word senorita has the most common characters in the english language; My first 2 words have those letters. All 3 words have 15 unique letters, so there are only 11 left to consider. I’ve played 150-200, maybe more, games and have only lost 1 game.
    If I have trouble analyzing (a fancy word here for guessing), I try to create a 4th word using 1 vowel and 4 of the remaining letters to find a letter or eliminate a letter (along with word options that had that letter.
    Luckily the words I’ve seen are all common words you have seen by the time you’re 10-11. Then I have 2-3 guesses to get the right word. The yellow and green indicators make the job easy as well

  3. I try to get as many letters as possible . . . but only one at a time.

    This is letter frequency ranked from most to least:
    e t a o i n s r h d l u c m f y w g p b v k x q j v

    My first guess is stein; second is hoard. These words have the highest 10 frequent letters. If I have 4, then I start guessing combinations. If I have 1-3 letters, I try clump; clum is 11-14 most frequent & p is 19th. 85% of the time I have 4-5 letters at this time. Then it’s guessing and playing the letters in anagram fashion. When I start guessing, I also consider that the known letters might be used twice . . . as well as the unknown letters (fuzzy and dizzy are examples)

    If I am unsuccessful, then I try a fourth word befog to see if b, f, or g is in the word. Then I really have to be careful since there are only 2 more guesses.

    My worst word was faded since I had fazed, faced, and faxed for guesses 4-6. If for the fourth guess, I tried crazy, I would know c & z were not used.

    The NYT site only does one word a day. But if you’re a glutton for wordle try this site – https://www.wordleunlimited.com/

    No stats kept but you get to play constantly and create strategies for yourself in future sessions.

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