DOS games revisited

A reader asked about classic DOS games and that set me on a quest to find some that you can play for free.  Well, I found a great site and some fun games.

The site I mentioned is called  You can click here to visit.    The site aims to preserve all of those classic DOS games. It’s free to play, but you do have the option of donating. If you enjoy the games, I’d suggest chipping in. When you arrive at the very basic landing page, you’ll see an explanation of their mission and a row of tabs across the top of the page.

The tabs will take you to pages that feature different categories of games. Hover over each tab to see Action, Adventure, Role Playing, First-Person Shooter, and more. Other categories include New and Top.

You can also search for games by title.


Once you click on a tab, you can also sort by year.

Click on a game and it takes a few seconds for the DOS emulator to launch.


Then you can start playing. There’s also an option to take the game to full-screen.


You’ll find information on how to control games using a keyboard on the page for each game. Some games have more instructions than others. Not every game worked perfectly. But it was certainly fun trying them out. I plan to go through and pick out some favorite games to review soon.

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