Breaking Cat News

Breaking Cat News is a hilarious web comic that chronicles the lives of illustrator Georgia Dunn’s cats: Elvis, Puck, Tommy, Tabitha, Sir Figaro Newton, Burt and Lupin.

The comic is from the point of view of the cats and details their interactions with their humans.

Meet Our Reporters – in this section you can find information about the cast of Breaking Cat News! You’ll learn what position they host on Breaking Cat News, personality traits, and Facts. You can even learn more about the people in the cats’s lives.

Past Reports  – this section takes you to the archive. There you’ll find comics sorted by the section of the news they appeared on: Weather, Sports, World News, Local News, Arts and Entertainment, Food and Dining, Investigative Reports, and Holiday News. Then under each category they are filed by date.

Special Reports: Shelter Cats  – is a beautiful piece of animal advocacy that discusses why you should adopt a pet and how you can help support animal shelters near you.

As for navigating the comic, when you arrive the latest comic strip is displayed. At the bottom of today’s comic, you can find navigation options to view the first strip (everything is broken), the previous strip, the next strip, and the last strip.

This is a very cute web comic, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! Check it out today!


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