Little House on the Prairie

Welcome to the Official site for Little House on the Prairie. After visiting the museum’s page I wanted access to more information, so I hit the web to see what was out there.

This site is full of amazing Little House on the Prairie content! You’ll find information on the books, the TV series, the documentary, and even lifestyle information like recipes, crafting, and more!

Navigation is easy! Just scroll down the page and click into the section you want to explore or you can use the navigation strip along the top of the page.

I went right for the recipes! That image of ice cream was just too tempting not to click! It was interesting to learn about how it was made, and I thought it was really cool that there were quotes from the books tying it all together.

If you like the Little House on the Prairie books or TV series, you don’t want to miss out on this site.

Go check it out today!


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