Dog Breed Identification

photography of three dogs looking up

How well do you know the different breeds of dogs? I feel fairly confident that if it isn’t a newer designer breed that I could guess correctly what kind of dog it is. I’ve always had an affinity for knowing dog breeds, it’s just the sort of information that gets stuck in my head and is easily accessible. 

Navigation is easy! When you get to the site, and are ready, click the Start button. This will start the clock and offer you the quiz options.  There are fifteen questions and you have up to fifteen minutes to complete the quiz. 

If you don’t want to start right away you can always check out the sample questions below the start button so that you’re prepared for what the quiz has to offer up as questions. 

When you’re done it will offer you a Score Report, that will show you how well you did. I got 100% but there were some tricky ones I had to think about. 

You can then share your results over Facebook, Twitter, or by E-mail. 

How many dog breeds can you identify correctly?


One thought on “Dog Breed Identification

  1. I guess I know dogs better then I thought–this test was a snap, did the whole thing in less than a minute and didn’t miss a single one.

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