Will An Adapter Speed Up My TV?

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I’ve had a couple of people ask if it would be possible to use a USB WiFi adapter to speed up the connection of their smartTV. Devices like the WiFi adapter shown below can add WiFi capabilities to a computer without a built-in WiFi receiver or improve the connection for a PC if it doesn’t have a very good built-in WiFi card.

Since some smart TVs feature a USB port, it might seem like you should be able to plug the adapter right in. But there’s a problem there. Most adapters are designed to work with the Windows operating system and Mac OS.  Smart TVs usually run off some form of the Android operating system. So those adapters wouldn’t work.

But you do have options. Make sure the TVs software and firmware are up-to-date. Also, make sure you have a data plan that accommodates the amount of data it takes for streaming. Directly plugging your TV into the router could help, as could switching the router channel that your TV is accessing.  If your WiFi signal is not making it to your TV, you might want to consider a WiFi extender.

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