Gallery: Edward Burtynsky’s Extraordinary Images of Manufactured Landscapes

I found this while browsing the TED blog, and knew I wanted to share it with you. It is a featured gallery, that brings you the photography of Edward Burtynsky. I find these images beautiful and haunting. I choose haunting because since seeing them I can’t get them out of my mind. They’re an interesting exploration of man’s effect on the earth. 

The gallery features thirteen images provided by Burtynsky for TED to share. They explore locations in Canada, the United States of America, Portugal, and Australia. 

I’m not sure if I’m more awestruck by the nickel trailing photographs from Canada which seem absolutely otherworldly, or the Rock of Ages quarry from Vermont. Both places have stuck in my head. 

You can find more of Burtynsky’s work at if you’d like.


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