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I’ve been debating buying a sewing machine and learning to sew. Like I need another expensive hobby or have time for one, but the desire is still there. It’s born mostly out of a desire to make cute project bags to carry my knitting around, and the thought that maybe it would be easier to make clothes that fit properly than find them in the store. 

So, my sister recommended I check out this site, because you can find reviews of patterns there. They also have a huge sewing knowledge database, and offer a free class when you join. I told her I’d check it out, and when I did decided it was an interesting resource to share with all of you. 

The first thing I checked out were the sewing machine reviews, as that will be the first large investment I’d make in this hobby. I’m definitely looking for something computerized (I feel like I get along well with computers, so surely I’ll be more successful with a computerized machine than one that isn’t) but I don’t want to buy too much machine for a beginner. 

What I like about navigation for this site is that you can basically get at anything you are looking for from the featured content sections on the main page. Looking for a specific pattern review? Try the search field beneath the text field to register for the newsletter and press go! 

If you sew or know someone who does check out this site and then pass it along!


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  1. You may love sewing, won’t know until you try it. I just started in Nov 2013, having a blast so far. Picked up a simple “computerized” machine for about $150, plenty good for starting out. Check out Sew4Home, they have some nice bag projects you can use for ideas.


    (60+ year old male)

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