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I’m a natural list-maker: grocery lists, chore lists, work lists, budget lists, scattered all over the place. Well no more! I’ve discovered Bullet journaling and now I want to share it with all of you. 

I’m sure you can find tons of applications that will do list making on your favorite device, but I’ve often found I download them and then don’t use them. I still make lists on post-it notes, and on my computer with sticky notes. I think with list-making part of the helpful part is physical making myself sit down, be still, and compose a list. 

I practiced with scrap paper for the end of February, while I waited for a moleskin to come from Amazon, and I found that this methodology was very helpful to me and was decreasing my anxiety by a ton. So how does it work? I think it’s best if you click the link and then watch the short video that explains how a bullet journal works to get that answer. 

Then check out the rest of the site via the back button and Get Started or the Close and Get Started button on the video.  There you will find tips about Logging and Sorting your Bullet Journal on the left side of the page. Each is succinct and most have a visual example so you can see what it would look like in your journal. 

I think my favorite part is going to be migrating tasks forward into the next month. I start feeling really guilty if I have tasks left undone (I often can’t sleep because of it), and I feel like knowing I can migrate them forward (provided they weren’t deadline specific) allows me to let go of that guilt.

I’ve also noticed that this is a great way for me to keep track of all the things I need to do for the multitude of things I do (work, school, ga position, homework, conferences, housework, animal care, etc.) and helps me find time to do things for relaxation and enjoyment like knitting and spinning. Downtime I desperately need to be a balanced human being. 

I hope that this becomes a habit that I can build up and use long into the future! I even bought a cheery moleskin journal in a sunny yellow and fancy pens that won’t bleed to make myself want to stick with it. Wish me luck! 



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  1. Very good idea!!! I just might use it since I have little pieces of paper all over the desk and in my bag. Thanks

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