Windows 11 Quick Settings

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Have you checked out Windows 11’s Quick Settings? Here’s how to use them. Press the Windows Key + A. Quick Settings will pop up in the lower-right corner next to the time and date. You’ll have immediate access to things like your Internet connections, mouse settings, and Airplane mode as well as sound and screen brightness.

Click the Settings gear at the lower-right corner to open all Settings. Click the pencil-shaped edit icon to change the layout of Quick Settings.

You can choose to unpin any of the items there by clicking on the pin icon.

Click the + icon to add Settings.

Choose the settings you wish to add from the menu. Make sure to click Done when you are finished.

One thought on “Windows 11 Quick Settings

  1. Windows 11 is not as intuitive as Windows 10. The Cast feature does not work well and is very difficult to use. The Action Center was great and now only contains a fraction of the processes on Win 10. They have really messed up. They should have continued to upgrade Win 10 as they originally intended. I am truly disappointed!

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