A Spinning Mosaic of Patterns Drawn with Wet Clay on a Potter’s Wheel

As soon as I had watched thirty seconds of this video, I added it to my list of things to share with you. You’ll be able to watch as Mikhail Sadovnikov creates intricate designs on his potter’s wheel out of wet clay (slip) that are simply amazing! 

The images below the video will show you an example of what sort of art he creates with the slip. 

The video is fifteen minutes long and covers multiple interesting designs. Just click play to start watching it! It is absolutely entrancing to watch as he created these pieces. 

If you click on his name in the paragraph of text beneath video and images you’ll be whisked away to a site where you can see the artist, the artist at work, and the finished discs made from working with the slip on the potters wheel! I used Google translate to switch the page from Russian to English and resulted with a reasonably understandable translation. 

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this mesmerizing art be created, I sure did!  



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