Microsoft Makes It Harder To Change Default Browser

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Switching the default browser in Windows 11 is much harder than it is in Windows 10. In Windows 10, all you had to do was open up Default Apps in Settings and click on the Default Web Browser.


Then choose your preferred browser from a list:


In Windows 11, you open Default apps.

Then scroll down to the browser app you wish to use in a long list and click on it.

Then you scroll down to each type of file that a browser can open and change it one by one to your preferred browser.

Click on the file type and Microsoft attempts to talk you out of switching from Edge.

Click on Switch anyway and you’ll get the menu to select a browser.

To cover all the possible types of files, you’ll need to do it 22 times. Microsoft claims this is because it wants to give people more control over their web settings. I think we all know that it’s because they want to retain more control over your choices. Not cool, Microsoft. Not cool at all.

One thought on “Microsoft Makes It Harder To Change Default Browser

  1. As much as we depend on “our” computers/internet, I’m afraid it is right. Not cool Microsoft.! We are now slaves of control. How sad!! Such good sources of information can be found; To learn, just as Cyntech can provide helpful information. Then there is the matter of TRUTH and the conflict the word can cause. I will never apologize hunting for truth and embracing it.

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