Should I worry about this update?

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A reader has a question about a temperamental Windows update:

“Cyn, I have another problem related to Microsoft and/or Belarc. I got a Lenovo all-in-one computer in 2020, loaded with Windows 10. I have since updated to Windows 11 without incident, and I have installed all Windows updates that have been offered.

When I ran Belarc on the brand-new computer, it showed me two security updates needed. As I had run into that before, I didn’t rush into action. At the end of January 2022 I ran it again; it now shows one update not installed (Q2565063). Belarc says it is important; MS the update is related to MS C++ 2010 x86.

Since I’m not having any problems, and I have protection against viruses [viri?], and since somehow the number of missing updates dropped from 2 to 1 without intervention, I’m still not planning on doing anything. But if you have any thoughts or recommendations, I would be happy to see them. Thanks for all your work and support!”

Stubborn updates, especially those with the C++ designation are a common problem with Windows. However, if it’s not a critical update and you aren’t seeing issues, you probably don’t have to worry. Microsoft is still troubleshooting the finer points of Windows 11 on various devices, so it’s likely that they pushed out a fix that allowed your update to install.

If you’re concerned, you can always run the update troubleshooter. Start by opening Settings and selecting Windows Update.

Then choose Get help.

You’ll have the option to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

One thought on “Should I worry about this update?

  1. Cyn, thanks for covering this question! I’m perfectly satisfied with your answer, but I just tried to get to the troubleshooter. My windows update screen didn’t have a ‘get help’ button. I took a snip of it, if you’d like it. I am not an insider user; perhaps that’s why. No pressing need to pursue this; I’m comfortable without that old C++ update.

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