Can I Keep Spam Out of My Gmail?

 A reader is tired of spam email:

“Is there any way to stop unwanted e-mail in a Gmail account? The instructions given by Google are just to move the mail to my spam account. There must be a way to block this trash from being transmitted.
You probably have the answer.”

I’ve got the answer but you probably won’t like it. Movie Spam to the Spam folder is the correct solution. It trains your Gmail account to send those types of emails out of sight. The only way to prevent email from being sent to your account would be for your ISP to block an entire website such as the sender’s mail provider. However, that probably wouldn’t do much good. Spammers often disguise the actual addresses where the email originates. Spam is often sent by automated programs that use hundreds if not thousands of email addresses through various email services to send. It would be almost impossible to keep up with all of the possible addresses and block them.

Your marking email as spam does help your email provider and ISP identify domain names used for sending spam. So make sure to keep marking those messages.

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