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A reader has a warning about another way that phishing scammers try to trap you:

 “I got a notice that I had won an iPhone 13. This was on my Instagram account. I only clicked on the person to see who they were but not the link that came with the notice. Was in a foreign place and showed others with a phone but I don’t even know this person so figuring it is a spam thing. Not sure how they got to send me something as I am not following her. Learned from you to not click on links in strange notices.”

Smart move! Scam accounts like this use automatic programs called ‘bots’ to comment on millions of accounts. Believe me, there was nothing personal. Commenting on other posts is a favorite way these crooks like to target people.

Sometimes, you comment on a topic or on a post on a page and they’ll reply with one of their scams. It could be a fake prize. (Remember, you don’t win prizes in contests you didn’t even enter. Anytime someone tells you won a prize in comments like that, it is definitely a scam)

Sometimes, it’s with requests to be your friend, others alleged links that allow you to watch new movies for free. Also big right now are scam job offers with too good to be true pay rates.

To report a comment like this on Facebook, you can click the 3-dot icon next to the comment. (on a phone, press and hold for the menu) Then choose Give feedback or report this comment.

Choose Spam.

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