You should worry about spam!

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A reader took me to task for advice not to worry too much about unwanted messages piling up in your spam folder since it’s actually supposed to fill up with spam.

“Try not to think about that spam folder.” WRONG – the rest of your advice is great, Cyn, but I try to keep my spam/junk folder empty. I check it at least daily and delete it all. This has nothing to do with saving space, but everything to do with the fact that important emails DO end up there. If I never check that folder, I’d never know those emails were mistakenly sent to that folder. I can mark them “not junk” and move them to the inbox for action.”

It is a good idea to check your spam folder occasionally to make sure nothing important has ended up in there. Daily checking and deleting of spam is a great way to keep that spam inbox empty, so you can easily scan for something important.

When I said that you should think too much about the spam folder, what I meant was that you don’t really have to worry if it’s filling up with spam because that’s what it’s designed to do.

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