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I found myself in a bind earlier this week. I needed to change the second page of a .PDF print quote so that it had a signature. The signature was a different file. Normally, I’d print them out and then scan the two pages I needed and create a new PDF, but to facilitate that I’d need to drive up to my office in Ypsilanti which wasn’t really an option. So I started hunting around online to find a site that would let me merge and edit the documents. After finding a few terrible options, I discovered Online PDF Converter. It was exactly what I needed and easy to use, so I thought I’d share it with you!

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find that everything you need to know is right there on the page. They lay out the directions, the different uses of the site, and the different types of files you can use to achieve your goal. They also provide a link to the documentation of all the features offered. 

To use the converter is really easy! To begin click the Browse button and select the file or files you want to work with. Then choose what you want to do to the file. It is set to file conversion by default, but you can select Compression, View, Image to PDF, Protection, and Header to Footer options.  

Also if you notice at the right of the page there are three more options: a padlock, for password options; rotating files, for file rotations; and scissors, for editing the pages. I was here for the last option. I need to merge two files and edit the page order.

Once you’ve made your selections, just click the red Convert button. It will upload the file or files, make the changes you want, and then automatically download your new file. If it doesn’t automatically download the file, you can click the Manual Download link to download the file.

This site makes it easy to convert and edit documents for free. Go check it out today!


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  1. Amanda, I always at least scan your articles ‘cuz even though you frequently do write about stuff I’m not interested in, you also provide a lot of stuff that does interest me.

    Just an idea that might be useful to you… LIbre Office Draw is a very powerful PDF editor. While I have Adobe Pro at work, I have even had to take work home so that I could actually do a decent job of editing by using Libre Office Draw.

    The one problem is that sometimes Draw does not do a top notch job of rendering the PDF file. I presume that it is because the program that created the PDF file did not do so using the ISO standard format.


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