Phone Security Apps Have Malware

man in pink crew neck sweater holding white smartphone

A malware that can drain your bank account managed to sneak onto $15,000 Android phones disguised as a phone security app. But instead of keeping your phone safe from malware, it takes control and tricks you into disclosing your private information.

Security experts Checkpoint say that at least six different apps contained the malware. Those apps were removed once the Google Play store received warnings about the issue.

The apps were called:

Atom Clean-Booster Antivirus

Antivirus, Super Cleaner

Alpha Antivirus, Cleaner

Powerful Cleaner, Antivirus

Center Security, Antivirus

Center Security – Antivirus

If you installed any of these apps, make sure to remove them from your phone and run a legitimate malware application. You’ll also want to change your passwords, check your accounts, and consider resetting your phone.

If you’re looking for phone security, it’s best to stick with tried and true apps that have been around for a few years.

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