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We’ve got a question today about using Word:

In Word is it possible to take picture of say my cat insert it then lighten it so I can type my message over it with cat as background? Am grateful for all the help you given me.

It’s doable, though not as easy as it should be. Come on Microsoft, how hard would a transparency bar on all images be?  Here’s how:

Create a Word document and click the Insert tab at the top and then choose Shapes.

Pick the shape that matches the image you want to insert from the drop-down menu.

Draw the shape in your document by clicking the mouse and dragging. Release when you have the shape you want.

Right-click on the shape, choose Outline and then No Outline.

Right-click again and choose Format Shape.

A panel will open on the right.Select Fill at the top. The icon looks like a bucket of paint. Then choose picture or texture fill.

If you’re using an image from your PC, choose Insert and then File. Pick the picture.

Choose the image.


Use the transparency slider to adjust.


The image will become lighter in the document.


Then add your text.


You could also choose to draw the shape over existing text.


Then adjust the transparency.


2 thoughts on “Word: Insert a transparent photo

  1. This can also be done through the “Watermark” process. Not knowing this process, I have been using the “Watermark” for some time.

  2. I didn’t know you could do this. I do a lot of word documents with pictures in the back ground. I always put the picture in PhotoShop and reduce the transparency to around 15 to 20 percent and then put it in my Word document and go to Picture Format > Text Wrap and set it to ‘Behind text’ where I can adjust the size and place it exactly where I want it. Thanks for the info on another way to do it.

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